By leaving your pets in our care, it is deemed that you accept these terms and conditions
Vaccination and health requirements
1. All pets must have current vaccinations. If you are unsure about this check with your vet.
2. Bring their vaccination book with you as we need to check their vaccinations on arrival. No vaccinations = No stay.
3. It is recommended you give your pet flea and worm treatments at least 10 days prior to boarding
4. All pets left in the care of SGK must be healthy, clean and with no signs of any communicable illness/diseases or pests

Arrival and departure times
1. Pick up/drop-off times- Mon to Sat 8.00 – 10.00 am and 4.00 – 6pm (Sunday/Public Holiday
2. The 1st day will be charged as full regardless of the check-in-time – no charge on day of departure if pet is picked up before 10am.
3. Out of hours pick up fee – arranged $30.00 by exception only

Does your pet have behaviours or Health conditions that we need to know about?
Please let us know if your dog is prone to jumping fences, digging, is a ‘houdini’ escape artist, or is very timid, etc. It is always better to let us know of anything unusual so that we can ensure your pet receives the best care.

Vicious Dogs
We are unable to care for aggressive or vicious dogs, any dog that attacks a human or other animal will be isolated immediately and either you or your emergency contact will be asked to collect them immediately. You will be responsible for any medical bills or vet bills.

Vet support
In the event your pet becomes unwell, or becomes injured, I the (owner) give the proprietors and
their staff authority to seek and repond to, at my expense, any and all veterinary treatment
deemed necessary. We will try our best to use your own vet but alternatively either The Vet
Centre or Town and Country vet.

While every effort will be made to ensure your pet has a safe stay with us, they are boarded at
your own risk. We accept no responsibility for illness, injury, pregnancy, death or loss for any reason whatsoever.
After 5 days from the end of the scheduled boarding period, we reserve the right to make
suitable arrangements for pets left in our care if no contact is made by the owner or their
emergency contact fails.

Cancellation Policy
All days booked will be charged during public or school holidays, irrespective of late delivery,
early collection or cancellations at any point. However flexibility is considered during quiet times.

We do not accommodate unneutered male dogs older than 11 months during long weekends
and holiday periods. We may consider accomodation of intact males outside the busy periods.

CHRISTMAS 24,25 and 26 December
NEW YEAR 31,1 and 2
EASTER Good Friday and Easter Sunday