A wonderful dog kennel close to Richmond

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Spring Grove Kennels and Cattery, a dog kennels near Richmond

Mitzie in the play area

Kennel accommodation that your dog will love

Our Medium and Large sized dog complex has 45 individual spacious kennels with secure runs attached and we are also able to house two dogs from the same family. Our smaller guests are housed indoors (heated in winter) in one of 10 spacious individual units completely separate from our large dog complex and also provide space for two dogs from the same family.



Fun in the country

  • Does your dog like to run or just laze about in the sun? We will find just the right spot for them.
  • Plenty of space, grass and shade for fun and play are all favourite features at Spring Grove Kennels.
  • Dogs are exercised in social groups, individually or in family groups.

Trust, play and cuddles

Plenty of ‘people time’ with your dog establishes a strong trusting bond that ensures they are relaxed, happy and well cared for. On their next visit they bounce through the door to give us a big warm welcome.

Short and long-term boarding

Treat your dog to a country holiday when you have a long break or overseas trip. We have had pets here for up to 2 months.

Food and medication

  • The main serve is Black Hawk (a high quality weight based dog food). Mighty Mix biscuits and Mighty Mix dog roll are also available – used as treats
  • Dietary & medication needs are catered for at no extra charge.
  • Vanguard 5 for: Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2 and Para influenza
  • Kennel Cough (also called Bordetella): This vaccine is NOT given regularly by most vets unless you tell them you are boarding your dog.

Please remember to bring along your dog’s vaccination card, if you have misplaced the card, get your vet to ring us. If your dog requires a vaccination booster, please have it completed at least 10 days prior to their stay with us.


Please also ensure your pet’s worming and flea programme is up to date. We reserve the right to treat any internal or external parasites your pet may have and charge the cost to your account.


We do not accommodate unneutered male dogs older than 11 months during long weekends and holiday periods. We may consider accomodation of intact males outside the busy periods.

If you also have a cat looking for a home during your holidays we would be glad to welcome it in our cattery.